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Be Prepared.

Preparation is key to keeping you and your family protected before, during and after a hurricane.

A type of tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm, hurricanes form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and eastern Pacific Ocean. Typically, these cyclones are accompanied by thunderstorms. In the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth’s surface arrives with them. These winds can be devastating to families and their properties.

While Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas are most associated with hurricanes, parts of the Southwest United States and the Pacific Coast also experience heavy rains and floods each year from hurricanes spawned off Mexico.

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Our WE Insure hurricane preparation checklists can help you protect your family and property. Even if it’s not hurricane season, the time to be prepared is now.

Hurricane Checklist for Homes

  • Water: 3-day supply, one gallon per person per day
  • Food: 3-day supply of nonperishable food
  • Manual can opener
  • Flashlight: with extra batteries
  • Weather radio: battery powered or hand crank
  • First aid kit
  • Medications: 7-day supply
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  • Copies of personal documents: stored in a waterproof bag
  • Cell phone with chargers
  • Family and emergency contact information: update each year
  • Extra cash: ATMs may be down
  • Emergency blanket: during cold months
  • Maps: local area maps may be needed to navigate
  • Baby supplies: bottles, formula, baby food, diapers, wipes
  • Pet supplies: collar/leash, ID, food, carrier, water
  • Extra set of keys: house, car, office
  • Rain gear
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Camera for photos of damages

Click here to download the hurricane checklist for homes (PDF)

Hurricane Checklist for Businesses

  • Know your Risk: Is your location vulnerable to storm surge or hurricane-force winds?
  • Take Precautions: Know how you will secure your building and cover windows. Have a plan to move equipment to a secured area.
  • Data Backup Files: Always protect your data and prepare for alternate communications and power.
  • Supplies: Store emergency supplies for two weeks (water, first aid, flashlights, extra cash).
  • Protect your Employees: Prepare and discuss a hurricane evacuation plan. Establish a call-down process for warnings and post-storm communications. Assign responsibilities for before and after the storm.
  • Review your Insurance Coverage: Have your business appraised at least every five years. Inventory, document and photograph equipment, supplies and workplace. Have copies of insurance policies and customer service/home numbers. Obtain business interruption insurance. Consider accounts receivable and valuable papers coverage and income destruction insurance. If you have a Business Owners Protection Package (BOPP), check the co-insurance provisions. Remember that flood damage requires separate coverage and is NOT covered under other insurance programs.
  • After the Storm: If you received structural damage, use caution before entering your business. Assess the damage (gas lines, power lines and structural weaknesses).

Click here to download the hurricane checklist for businesses (PDF)

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