Be Fully Covered with Umbrella Liability Insurance

Are you confident you and your business are covered fully by your commercial general liability and/or commercial auto liability insurance?

Will your standard policies protect you in the event of a major unfortunate circumstance?

It’s a fact of business that lawsuits happen. What might happen if your standard general liability or auto liability policy isn’t enough to cover your losses?

Umbrella Liability Provides Extra Protection
An umbrella liability policy picks up where your standard liability policy—general, auto or other—leaves off. A standard policy may cover up to $1 million. If you’re facing a legal judgment in excess of that amount, your umbrella liability policy may cover the excess amount, which just might save you and your business from ruin.

Your WE Insure agent is well qualified to help you assess your liability needs and build a solid liability plan at a price that makes good business sense.